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The Academy Logo

Academy Logo

The Rotary Leadership Academy logo is unique in its design and was created especially for District  5110, the district that originated the Leadership Academy program in 1998.  It has been shared with each district that has partnered with D5110 in the Leadership Academy Program.

The Academy logo is a combination of various sized wheels.The largest wheel represents the Rotary emblem.  The "cogs" in the wheel represent Rotary's leaders.  The cogs connect with the remaining wheels which represent our clubs, our communities, our districts, and our world. 

The three wheels, working together, represent the efforts of many that accomplish all that Rotary does.  The Rotary wheel leads the way to guide and inspire Rotary's future leaders. 

Academy pins are awarded to all graduates in all districts participating in the academy program.  The pin carries with it great prestige and responsibility with the understanding that the recipient has made a commitment to serve.



Our Mission

Mission StatementThe Leadership Academy's primary mission is to educate future Rotary leaders at the club and district level and beyond.  With well-trained leaders we will have strong clubs, strong districts and a strong Rotary.

Rotary International has undergone many changes since the Academy program was first launched in 1998.  Each year and after each Council on Legislation, as changes are made, the Academy program also changes to insure that students are receiving the latest information.

The Academy program provides participants with the tools necessary for success by thoroughly familiarizing them with available Rotary resources, develop action plans to facilitate the building of stronger clubs, learning how to use Rotary's latest technology and the newest resources on the RI web site, and form relationships with faculty and classmates through collaborations that will expand their Rotary horizon.

The result is a Rotary leadership training program that provides the broadest and strongest foundation possible to Rotarian who want to lead at the club and eventually the district level.

This Web Site's Design Technology

Responsive Web DesignThis Academy web site incorporates the latest web site design technology available including "responsive design".  This means that the web site pages will resize automatically to adjust and convert the content of each page to enable the highest levels of readability and navigation whether you are using your desktop, your laptop, your tablet, or your smartphone.  It does this seamlessly and means that each and every device you use for this web site will be easily readable, fully accessable and  will enable you to work online no matter where you are or what device you use (as long as you are connected to the Internet.)

Responsive Design works on both IOS and Android operating systems as well as Windows and Blackberry.  When you access the web site, it is able to quickly identify the device your are using and immediately changes the site design format accordingly.  It truly "knows" what you need in order to access the web site on all of your devices. 

We think students will find this to be a very useful feature of the web site which will enable them to successfully use it from anywhere on any device.  If you have questions contact the Webmaster.


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