Class of 2020

The following Rotarians from District 6440 will be part of the Academy Class of 2020.  If any of these individuals are in your Rotary club be sure to offer them encouragement and your support as they complete this Academy year.  When they graduate next year they will have accomplished something significant and will be some of the best educated Rotarians in your District.

Note:  If you are a committee chair or committee member for any committee(s) related to the specific Academy courses, take the time
to meet with your club member(s) who are participating in the Academy this year and give them your input on the various surveys and other assignments they will be completing.  Your Rotary club will be stronger
 for it. 

The Participants

The names of the participants in the 2019-2020 Leadership Academy from District 6440 will be posted on October 1 upon the completion of Course 1: Communications.

Student Rotary Club

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